The Beginning.

I’ve been baking all of my life. Some of my earliest memories are of the incredible cakes my Mom would bake for my brother and me. From Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Cabbage Patch Kids to recreations of posters for plays I directed in high school, she can do it all. Both of my grandmothers are and were talented in the kitchen. My maternal grandmother was famous for her shortbread which often resulted in all of us tiptoeing into the kitchen in the middle of the night to sneak a coveted piece without her knowledge. She insisted we wait until Christmas Day before indulging but that never happened. My paternal grandmother comes from the waste-not-want-not style of baking. Candied orange peel, coconut cones made with mashed potato (sounds gross but divine dipped in chocolate!), the politically-incorrect Indian Pudding using a scant 1/2 cup of corn meal or even homemade Egg Cream Liqueur. Although, if you requested one of her recipes, she was notorious for leaving out a key ingredient or adjusting the quantities so it would never taste as good as hers. It was baking with these three women that taught me to love not only the results but also the process.

A few years ago I started baking cookies for family, friends and students (I coach for two high school teams as well as evening classes open to all ages) and kept getting requests for recipes, photos, techniques etc. After a recent request for my gingerbread recipe, I thought it was about time I compile a blog of my successes (and a few failures) along with inspirations I’ve found on the web.

Enjoy and happy baking!



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